Gold Price History in this Week- 23 to 28 October 2023

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the gold price trends in Pakistan for the past week 23 to 28 October 2023, and analyze the key data points.

Gold Rate History

High: $2006, Low: $1973, High (in PKR): Rs 213,600, Low (in PKR): Rs 210,000. The week began with a High of $2006 and a low of $1973.
In Pakistani Rupees, the high was Rs 213,600, and the low was Rs 210,000.

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These figures demonstrate the daily price fluctuations of gold in the international market and how these changes translate into the local currency.

International Gold Rate History of this week:

  • High: $2006
  • Low: $1973

Gold Rate in Pakistan Sarafa Market for This Week:

  • High: Rs 213,600
  • Low: Rs 210,000

Gold Mandi on Wekkend:

  • Open: $1985
  • Close: $2006
  • Change: +$77

Gold Prices Weekly History

High ($)Low ($)
Rs 213,600Rs 210,000

International Gold Mandi on the Weekend

Gold MandiOpen ($)Close ($)Change

Pakistan’s Sarafa Mandi on the weekend

Gold RateOpenCloseChange
DATEGOLD 24K per TolaGOLD 22K PER Tola
28 Oct 2023PKR 213,600PKR 213,000
27 Oct 2023PKR 213,300PKR 195,013
26 Oct 2023PKR 211,600PKR 193,459
25 Oct 2023PKR 210,000PKR 191,996
24 Oct 2023PKR 213,600PKR 195,287
23 Oct 2023PKR 212,800PKR 194,556
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