Gold Rate in Pakistan – 27 May 2024

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As per the latest data from the bullion market of Karachi, Multan, and Lahore, the price of 24-karat gold per tola in Pakistan is Rs. 241,400 while 10-gram gold is around 206,962 rupees.

These fluctuations are closely tied to changes in the value of the US Dollar, highlighting the link between currency values and gold prices.

The international gold price at the time of writing is $2342 per ounce. It is considerable that prices in Pakistan can have huge ups and downs due to the global market.

If you’re curious about yesterday’s gold rate, feel free to check it out here.

Today’s 24K Gold Prices in Pakistan (27 May 2024):

  • 1 gram: 20,696
  • 10 grams: 206,962
  • 1 tola: 241,400
  • 1 ounce: 643,723
  • 1 kilogram: 20,696,159

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The detailed table shows how the gold rate moved throughout the day time and the ounce rate is included.

Pakistan Standard Time (PKT)Gold 24K Per TolaGold Per Ounce
11:55 PMPKR 241,400$2342
2:05 PMPKR 241,600$2344
3:05 PMPKR 241,600$2343

Furthermore, we would like to mention that the gold rate changes every hour. So to keep updated with the latest rates visit our site or download our app from the Google Play Store.

Gold Rate Today (27 May 2024)

Gold TypeRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per Troy OunceRate per Kilogram

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Gold 24K Ounce$2342

Gold Rate Today In Major Cities Of Pakistan

Below is the current Gold Price of major Pakistani cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan.

City24K Rate per Tola22K Rate per Tola
Gold Rate 27 May 2024

Gold Rate In Pakistan For the Last 30 Days

DATEGOLD 24K per TolaGOLD 22K PER Tola
26 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
25 May 2024PKR 240,400PKR 219,790
24 May 2024PKR 241,200PKR 220,521
23 May 2024PKR 242,700PKR 221,892
22 May 2024PKR 243,700PKR 222,807
21 May 2024PKR 243,800PKR 222,898
20 May 2024PKR 244,700PKR 223,721
19 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
18 May 2024PKR 243,400PKR 222,532
17 May 2024PKR 242,400PKR 221,618
16 May 2024PKR 242,500PKR 221,710
15 May 2024PKR 240,800PKR 220,978
14 May 2024PKR 239,700PKR 219,150
13 May 2024PKR 239,600PKR 219,058
12 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
11 May 2024PKR 240,800PKR 220,155
10 May 2024PKR 241,700PKR 220,978
9 May 2024PKR 237,600PKR 217,230
8 May 2024PKR 235,700PKR 215,493
7 May 2024PKR 236,000PKR 215,767
6 May 2024PKR 235,500PKR 215,310
5 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
4 May 2024PKR 236,000PKR 215,767
3 May 2024PKR 236,700PKR 216,407
2 May 2024PKR 236,100PKR 215,858
1 May 2024Labour DayLabour Day
30 April 2024PKR 236,700PKR 216,407
29 April 2024PKR 238,800PKR 218,327
28 April 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
27 April 2024PKR 239,000PKR 218,510
26 April 2024PKR 238,800PKR 218,327
25 April 2024PKR 235,600PKR 215,401
24 April 2024PKR 235,900PKR 215,675
23 April 2024PKR 233,500PKR 213,481
22 April 2024PKR 239,500PKR 218,967
21 April 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
20 April 2024PKR 243,300PKR 222,441
19 April 2024PKR 243,400PKR 222,532
18 April 2024PKR 242,800PKR 221,984
17 April 2024PKR 243,300PKR 222,441
16 April 2024PKR 242,600PKR 221,801
15 April 2024PKR 243,600PKR 222,715
14 April 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
13 April 2024Eid HolidayEid Holiday
12 April 2024Eid HolidayEid Holiday
11 April 2024Eid HolidayEid Holiday
10 April 2024Eid ul FitarEid ul Fitr
9 April 2024PKR 240,500PKR 219,881
8 April 2024PKR 239,400PKR 218,875
7 April 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
6 April 2024PKR 238,200PKR 218,967
5 April 2024PKR 237,500PKR 217,138
4 April 2024PKR 238,200PKR 217,778
3 April 2024PKR 234,800PKR 214,670
2 April 2024PKR 232,300PKR 212,384
1 April 2024PKR 231,800PKR 211,927
31 March 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
30 March 2024PKR 233,000PKR 213,024
29 March 2024PKR 232,500PKR 212,567
28 March 2024PKR 230,100PKR 210,373


The gold rates provided here are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. We do not take responsibility for their validity or claim their precision.

People also ask

What is the current gold rate in Pakistan for 1 tola?

As of today, 27 May 2024, the rate of 24-carat gold in Pakistan is PKR 241,400.

What is the rate of 1 Tola 22-carat gold in Pakistan today?

As of today, 27 May 2024, the rate of 22-carat gold in Pakistan is PKR 220,704.

How many grams are in one Tola?

In 1 Tola there are “11.664” grams.

How many carats are in a tola?

The weight of gemstones is measured in carats and Gold is usually measured in grams or ounces.

How many Ratti are in one Masha?

One Masha is equal to 8 Ratti.

What is the price for 1 gram of gold in Pakistan?

As of today, 27 May 2024, 1 gram gold in Pakistan costs PKR 20,696.

How often does the gold rate change in Pakistan?

The gold rate in Pakistan can change anytime, and it may fluctuate multiple times per day.

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