Gold Rate Up Down History May 2024

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In May 2024, the price of gold per tola fluctuated throughout the month. As you know the 1st day was the World Labor Holiday so the market open 2nd May 2024 and the day was Thursday, on that day, the rate for 24k gold was PKR 236,100, while 22k gold was PKR 215,858 per tola.

As the month progressed, the prices changed almost daily. By the end of the month on Friday 31 May 2024, 24k gold was priced at 240,500 per tola, and 22k gold was at PKR 219,881 per tola.

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The prices went up and down, reflecting the changing market conditions and demand for gold during this period. It’s important to keep an eye on these fluctuations if you plan to buy or sell gold.

The table below shows how the gold rate fluctuates throughout the month. You can find the whole month’s history below. You can check the latest gold rate here.

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide accurate gold rates, please note that the information we share may not be 100 percent true and accurate, may be subject to fluctuations, and should be used for informational purposes only.

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International Gold Market 1st May to 30 May 2024

Gold on 1st May 2024Gold on 31 May 2024

Gold High in DollarGold Low in Dollar

Gold Price by Day in May 2024

31 May 2024PKR 241,400PKR 220,704
30 May 2024PKR 241,000PKR 220,338
29 May 2024PKR 241,800PKR 221,070
28 May 2024Youm-e-TakbirYoum-e-Takbir
27 May 2024PKR 241,600PKR 220,887
26 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
25 May 2024PKR 240,400PKR 219,790
24 May 2024PKR 241,200PKR 220,521
23 May 2024PKR 242,700PKR 221,892
22 May 2024PKR 243,700PKR 222,807
21 May 2024PKR 243,800PKR 222,898
20 May 2024PKR 244,700PKR 223,721
19 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
18 May 2024PKR 243,400PKR 222,532
17 May 2024PKR 242,400PKR 221,618
16 May 2024PKR 242,500PKR 221,710
15 May 2024PKR 240,800PKR 220,978
14 May 2024PKR 239,700PKR 219,150
13 May 2024PKR 239,600PKR 219,058
12 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
11 May 2024PKR 240,800PKR 220,155
10 May 2024PKR 241,700PKR 220,978
9 May 2024PKR 237,600PKR 217,230
8 May 2024PKR 235,700PKR 215,493
7 May 2024PKR 236,000PKR 215,767
6 May 2024PKR 235,500PKR 215,310
5 May 2024Sunday ClosedSunday Closed
4 May 2024PKR 236,000PKR 215,767
3 May 2024PKR 236,700PKR 216,407
2 May 2024PKR 236,100PKR 215,858
1 May 2024Labour DayLabour Day
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