Gold Price History: September 2023 – A Month of Fluctuations

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In September 2023, the price of gold per tola showed fluctuations throughout the month. On the 1st of September, the rate for 24k gold was PKR 240,340, while 22k gold was PKR 219,735 per tola.

As the month progressed, the prices changed almost daily. By the end of the month on the 30th of September, 24k gold was priced at PKR 205,704 per tola, and 22k gold was at PKR 188,068 per tola.

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The prices went up and down, reflecting the changing market conditions and demand for gold during this period. It’s important to keep an eye on these fluctuations if you are planning to buy or sell gold.

The below table shows how the gold rate fluctuates throughout the month. You can find the whole month’s history below. You can also check the Latest gold rate here.

Gold Price History in September 2023

DATEGOLD 24K per TolaGOLD 22K PER Tola
30 Sep 2023PKR 205,704PKR 188,068
29 Sep 2023PKR 206,700PKR 188,979
28 Sep 2023PKR 206,700PKR 188,979
27 Sep 2023PKR 205,150PKR 187,562
26 Sep 2023PKR 207,400PKR 189,619
25 Sep 2023PKR 210,000PKR 191,996
24 Sep 2023Market ClosedMarket Closed
23 Sep 2023PKR 216,400PKR 197,767
22 Sep 2023PKR 216,400PKR 197,847
21 Sep 2023PKR 218,600PKR 199,859
20 Sep 2023PKR 219,850PKR 201,001
19 Sep 2023PKR 220,400PKR 201,504
18 Sep 2023PKR 221,300PKR 202,327
17 Sep 2023Market ClosedMarket Closed
16 Sep 2023PKR 217,500PKR 198,853
15 Sep 2023PKR 219,200PKR 200,407
14 Sep 2023PKR 220,000PKR 201,139
13 Sep 2023PKR 218,450PKR 199,721
12 Sep 2023PKR 221,000PKR 202,053
11 Sep 2023PKR 211,900PKR 194,282
10 Sep 2023PKR 212,500PKR 194,282
09 Sept 2023PKR 212,500PKR 194,282
08 Sept 2023PKR 214,000PKR 195,653
07 Sept 2023PKR 215,520PKR 197,043
06 Sept 2023PKR 223,000PKR 203,881
05 Sept 2023PKR 229,800PKR 210,098
04 Sept 2023PKR 241,650PKR 220,932
03 Sept 2023Market was ClosedMarket was Closed
02 Sept 2023PKR 243,000PKR 222,167
01 Sept 2023PKR 240,340PKR 219,735
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